Trade Scam Awareness Guide

11/11/2022 12:20:09 PM

Greetings Nevarethians!

Our team created this guide to help spread awareness about trade scams and in-game impersonations. This post will show you some examples and tell you what to expect during trading in CABAL.


Important: Our team-suggested font is Tahoma and Tahoma Bold, with these fonts you will be able to differentiate players impersonating others by switching letters around like the ? and L.

Don’t Be Fooled By the letter-switching tricks, for example, the ? and L tactic. This can be done with any letter of the alphabet. Switch your font to TAHOMA and avoid falling into this old tactic.

Impersonation to offer item upgrades

Please, be aware of impersonators using the name of influencers, Guild Leaders, GM’s, and high-level Nevarethians using for example the ? and L TRICK to offer upgrades and steal items that way. They will message you asking to see your equipment and suggest an upgrade.

The first thing you can do to be cautious is to check the trade prompt in the right bottom corner of the screen to see the player who suggested the trade/upgrade.

Let’s say that the player believes the scammer and proceeds with the trade, he gives the scammer the item for the upgrade and confirms the trade. If he did not negotiate on the price and take any screenshots of their agreement, he will get his item stolen.

*He should have paid more attention to the name and level of the player he traded with, he lost his item and will send a ticket. Our team will not be able to restore the item for the lack of evidence and attention.

Important: Check the name and level of the player you are trading with before clicking ok. (Marked by the red squares and arrows)

How to spot fakes

Usually, scammers will be short-leveled, have no significant items, and have no customization done to the fake character. (Not a rule)

Here is an example of a fake Vs the Real Player:

*These are just some more examples of how to spot a scammer.

Extra Precautions

To protect your upgrade:

- Make sure to collect in-game screenshots of the transaction
- Check if the player performing the upgrades has any in-game references (If Possible)
- Rule of Life, If something is too easy or too good to be true, it probably isn't

Follow the model below to protect your trade/upgrade:

1. Make sure to follow the correct trade agreement

Player A: Selling my Item X for X Alz. Do you agree?
Player B: Yes, I agree. Let's do the trading.

2. When Agreeing on Upgrades

Player A: You will upgrade my Item X for X Alz. Do you agree?
Player B: Yes, I agree. Let's do the upgrade.

Other details that involve the upgrade will be agreed upon between the players and must be in the screenshots as well.

- Evidence of trading agreements must be clear and explicit and taken from within the game.
- Evidence of agreements collected outside the game (WhatsApp, Facebook, Discord, or any other type of Communication) environment is NOT valid.

CAUTION: Don’t trade with players that claim they need to do the trade from their secondary account/character, but are negotiating through their high-level character. This could be a sign of a scam.


- You can avoid this stress by checking the name and level multiple times throughout the process.
- Following the trade/upgrade agreement and taking screenshots of every transaction
- Checking references with other players to see if the player offering the upgrade is reliable. Usually, players that do upgrades are known on the servers.
- Hovering over items that look the same. Ex: Carnelian
- If you come across a scammer or impersonator, please report them via a ticket.